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Freelance Drama Facilitators


Freelance Drama Facilitators

New Lodge Arts wishes to update their database of freelance Drama Facilitators to deliver creative workshops with children and young people from across North Belfast.

New Lodge Arts provides community-based learning and personal development opportunities for economically and socially disadvantaged children and young people aged 3 to 25 years from across North Belfast through their engagement with and participation in a wide range of arts and cultural activities that they would not otherwise have had access to.

Working in close collaboration with young people, youth/community organisations, artists and other arts organisations, New Lodge Arts ensures their programmes are appealing and appropriate to young people.  Activities include dance, drama, visual arts, film making, carnival arts and youth leadership, volunteer development programme and event management. We deliver additional programmes on a cross-community basis and promote physical regeneration.

Each year, New Lodge Arts manage a range of projects aimed at meeting the needs of the community and providing opportunities for young people to grow and develop. These projects include:

  • Arts Academy - a range of weekly arts classes including Dance, Visual Arts, Drama and Youth Leadership/Event Management (approx. 20 weekly classes)
  • North Belfast Lantern Parade – an annual celebration of good relations in North Belfast involving an outreach programme of lantern making workshops culminating in a large scale event in the Waterworks Park
  • North Belfast Winter Fest – a variety of Christmas themed activities for people across North Belfast including a Pantomime, Santa’s Grottos, Christmas Quiz’s, Pensioners Dinners and
  • Taster Projects  - a series of taster art projects offered to various community groups across North Belfast (20-25 projects delivered annually)
  • Outreach projects – a series of good relations projects with other youth organisations from across the political divide, uniting them in a positive experience using the arts as the foundation
  • Additional partnership projects – working in partnership with local, national and international arts organisations on a variety of projects

New Lodge Arts has four main aims:

  • Fostering creativity and skills: To provide or facilitate activities that will empower children and young people in North Belfast
  • Building capacity to be a sustainable organisation: To ensure the development of New Lodge Arts to make it an effective and sustainable organisation
  • Marketing and communication: To make children and young people aware of what New Lodge Arts has to offer them and to maximise its profile amongst key stakeholders and external audiences
  • Promoting Good Relations and a Shared Future: To provide opportunities for children, young people and the wider North Belfast community to build relationships, challenge perceptions and gain a greater understanding and respect for each other.


New Lodge Arts wishes to update their database of Drama Facilitators to deliver a range of workshops with children and young people from across North Belfast on a freelance basis.  This could include a variety of sessions such as:

  • Weekly Drama Sessions
  • Weeklong Summer Projects
  • Outreach programme workshops
  • One off workshops
  • End of term Showcase

If successful artists will be required to attend artist induction training.  Artists will also be required to undertake an Access NI clearance check and attend Child Protection Training if their most recent training was more than two years ago.

Artists will report directly to the Manager or Project Coordinator of New Lodge Arts and will be employed on a freelance basis by New Lodge Arts.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Assess, plan, deliver and evaluate work that is appropriate for both individuals and groups of participants taking into consideration specific needs.
  • Communicate regularly with the children and young people within the groups, ensuring that all their learning and developmental needs are met.
  • Liaise with New Lodge Arts’ staff members and volunteers to discuss progress and outcomes of sessions.
  • Be responsible for the budgeting and ordering of arts materials.
  • Communicate effectively with others and be able to explain artistic processes in a meaningful way.


  • Be able to build relationships and work within a team liaising with other workers when appropriate.
  • Liaise with New Lodge Arts Staff regularly to discuss progress or concern regarding any aspect of the work.
  • Have good understanding of the arts used in a community based setting.


  • Act in accordance with professional code of conducts.
  • Attend relevant training programmes following discussion with New Lodge Arts Manager.

Skills/ attributes

New Lodge Arts activities are youth focused ensuring participants are supported throughout their development.

Artists should have the following skills and attributes:

  • the ability to explore children and young people’s ideas and deliver a creative arts programme that reflects the interests and needs of participants
  • the ability to engage and inspire children and young people with varying needs. 
  • clear communication skills.
  • the ability to create a fun, encouraging, child centered atmosphere at workshops and a supportive learning environment. 
  • be positive role models encouraging participants to realise their potential and achieve their goals.  

Artists will also be required to monitor and record participant’s development and to support the implementation of the New Lodge Arts’ policies in relation to equality of opportunities and child protection.


Interested artists are invited to submit an Expression of Interest proforma and a copy of thier CV.  Please contact anne.delaney@ashtoncentre.com for the Expression of Interest form.

CRITERIA for entry to the database

Submissions will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Previous experience of working alongside community organisations in developing and implementing arts projects.
  • Evidence of commitment to the development of children, young people and communities through the arts.
  • Artistic quality – evidenced by track record and quality of work.
  • Representation of, understanding of and appreciation of youth and community arts.


New Lodge Arts’ operate a standard Artists’ facilitation fee of £35/ hour to include travel and preparation time.   Material budgets will vary between projects and will be negotiated prior to project commencement.


Expressions of Interest should be submitted no later than Friday 24th November 2017 at 12noon.  

All submissions should be either posted or emailed to:

Anne Delaney

New Lodge Arts

Ashton Centre

5 Churchill Street


BT15 2BP









News Date: 
Monday, November 6, 2017 - 2:45pm

Contact Details

New Lodge Arts Ashton Centre 5 Churchill Street Belfast, BT15 2BP 028 9074 2255 anne.delaney@ashtoncentre.com 

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