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New Lodge Arts strives to provide opportunities for people of all ages to actively engage with and to participate in a wide range of range of art forms that they would not otherwise be exposed to.  It works in close collaboration with artists, other arts organisations, community groups, youth providers and youth mentors to ensure that its programme is appealing and appropriate to people, whatever their need.

New Lodge Arts has four main aims:

  • Fostering creativity and skills:  To provide or facilitate activities that will empower children and young people in North Belfast
  • Promoting Good Relations and a Shared Future: To provide opportunities for children, young people and the wider North Belfast community to build relationships, challenge perceptions and gain a greater understanding and respect for each other.
  • Building capacity to be a sustainable organisation: To ensure the development of New Lodge Arts so as to make it an effective and sustainable organisation.
  • Marketing and communication: To make children and young people aware of what New Lodge Arts has to offer them and to maximise its profile amongst key stakeholders and external audiences.

New Lodge Arts are committed to Safeguarding Children. For our full policy, please click here

Contact Details

New Lodge Arts Ashton Centre 5 Churchill Street Belfast, BT15 2BP 028 9074 2255 anne.delaney@ashtoncentre.com 

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